Attention Home Sellers: Tips For Home Improvements

Attention Home Sellers: Tips For Home Improvements

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Home ImprovementsWanting to make home improvements to your home to enjoy living there more is the basic reason for people to take on home improvement projects.  But if you plan and do the research, you could also significantly raise the value of your property.

When the time comes to transition from homeowners to home sellers, you will be thankful for having implemented home improvements that actually boosted your home value. With that in mind, consider the following tips when it comes to home improvements.

Know What Pays

First, when you are beginning a home improvement project, think long term. Consult with a real estate professional to determine if your plans will increase the value of your home. For example, kitchen remodels traditionally have the highest return on investment.  Meanwhile home improvements like bathroom renos and adding a guest bedroom also usually increases value nicely.

Plan for Your Future

If you plan on living with the home improvements, increasing value is not always your first priority.  Make sure you are balancing your lifestyle as well.  Whether you may have children in the future or other lifestyle changes down the road should be factored into your decisions.  Adding size to the property, changing to a better layout or updating the look of the home can make it more functional and add value.

Work with Pros

Once you decide to move forward with your plans, it’s time to find the right people for the job.  Finding referrals from family and friends can be helpful.  

Another strategy for finding reliable, skilled workers is to speak with the sales professionals at local shops where contractors buy their supplies.  They interact with all different contractors on a regular basis and can get to know them well.  

Checking community pages online and searching websites for contractors in your area is also a viable way to find contractors.

Collect Bids

Once you have found a few contractors you think you like, ask them for bids.  You should always get at least three bids for a job to get the best timeline and price that works for you.  Check that the estimates all cover the same type and quality of work so you know you are comparing the same things.

Before you make your final decision on a contractor, have a conversation about their process and style.  Good communication is the key to having your project go well.  You and your contractor should be a match on the level of detail you are expecting.

Homeowners will also want to make sure your contractor has an insurance certificate and a license.  Some areas may also have requirements regarding personal liability insurance and worker’s comp.

Perform Your Due Diligence

Even if the contractor you select was referred by a friend, always check the contractor’s credentials and references.  Have they done jobs similar to yours?  How much experience do they have?  Do they guarantee their work?  

Call at least three people to verify the information the contractor provided and make sure they had positive experiences.

Lastly, you can look into your contractor on the Better Business Bureau and local consumer protection agencies to see their rating and if there are any complaints.  You can also verify through the state’s contractor licensing agency to make sure the record is clean.

By following these tips you will end up with a smooth home improvement project that fits your lifestyle and increases the value of your property.

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